Improving AI model quality with less data

  • Public Datasets: If you don't have your own imagery, you can still experiment with computer vision. Roboflow hosts dozens of public datasets, including a Self Driving Car object detection dataset that contains thousands of images of cars, bikers, pedestrians, and traffic lights.
  • Labeling and Training Integrations: We integrate directly with the most popular labeling and training services. This provides you with flexibility when it comes to implementing your model on various devices.
  • Augmentations: Create more training data without uploading more images. Simulate weather and lighting changes with different contrast levels and degradation. This generated training data improves the accuracy of your model.
  • Dataset Health Check: Get insight into the quality of your dataset and how to improve it, including a breakdown of class balance and dimension insights. The annotation heatmap indicates how accurately your images have been labeled.
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