Workflow automations

Workflow automation streamlines and automates repetitive tasks and processes within a workflow. This helps improve efficiency, reduce errors, and free up time for employees to focus on more strategic tasks.

  • Scheduling Workflow runs: Keep your business rhythm intact and let the team focus on what matters.
  • Conditional logic: Introduce automated decision-making in your workflows with our powerful conditional logic feature.
  • Dynamic due dates: Stay agile with dynamic due dates that adjust as circumstances change, ensuring your team remains on track despite shifting priorities or unexpected events.
  • Auto-filling form fields: Speeds up workflow completion and boosts accuracy with form fields that auto-populate using data from your workflow and data sets.
  • Stop tasks: Enforce task completion order with stop tasks that pause the process until critical data is captured, ensuring your processes run smoothly.
  • Auto-send emails: Automatically send custom emails upon task completion, freeing up time and enhancing process efficiency.
  • Run via email: Trigger a workflow run automatically when an email is sent to Process Street, automatically transferring data accurately from your email into workflow fields.
  • Webhook catcher: Initiate data transfers from any third-party application that supports webhooks, directly into a new workflow run, ensuring smooth data synchronization.
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