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Stateless Generative AI for Workflow Automation


Integrate the best features of LLM’s for enhanced overall output!

Generative AI has shown massive impact on our businesses. However, businesses are often facing challenges in extracting the expected ROI. SWOTBot was an early adopter in the Multi-agent framework where multiple AI Agents/LLMs shall be put to work for achieving the desired output.

Our stateless Generative AI for workflow Automation creates a seamless pathway for developing multiple agent groups with heterogeneous mix of LLMs.

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Real time traffic congestion prediction


Making transportation more predictable!

Real-time traffic congestion prediction involves using data and analytical techniques to forecast traffic conditions and potential congestion in real-time. This prediction helps in managing and mitigating traffic flow issues, enhancing the efficiency of transportation systems, and providing timely information to commuters and officials.

Key components of real-time traffic congestion prediction include:

  • Data Collection.
  • Data Processing.
  • Machine Learning and AI Algorithm.
  • Real-time Updates.
  • Visualization and Dissemination

SynOps (A proprietary Cloud FinOps tool)


Reduces your cloud bill by 20 to 40%!

SynOps is a Financial operations tool that aims to bring financial accountability to the variable spend model of cloud computing. It helps organizations manage their cloud spending effectively by enabling cross-functional teams to make informed decisions that balance speed, cost, and quality. The primary goal of FinOps is to optimize cloud costs and ensure that every dollar spent on cloud services contributes to business value.


Key principles of FinOps include:

  • Collaboration :
    Encourages finance, engineering, and operations teams to work together to understand and manage cloud costs. This collaborative approach ensures that everyone is aware of the financial impact of their cloud usage.
  • Real-time Insights :
    Provides detailed visibility into cloud spending, enabling organizations to track and report costs in real-time. This helps in identifying cost drivers and areas where optimization can occur.
  • Optimization :
    Continuously seeks ways to optimize cloud spending. This can include rightsizing resources, eliminating unused or underutilized assets, and leveraging pricing models like reserved instances or spot instances to reduce costs.
  • Automation :
    Utilizes tools and automation to monitor, manage, and optimize cloud costs. Automated policies and alerts can help in maintaining control over cloud expenses and preventing overspending.

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